Ask a Blank Flank and a Tea Brewer

Finished the tail :3

WIP yarn tail.

I’m barely anywhere with it and it’s taken me half the day.

It’s only about half done so at least I got far

W.I.P digitigrade legs.

I still have to work on the position of the foam, get my second fur color, and fix the seam patches.

But considering I have never done anything of this size before I think it’s going pretty well

And no, the foam is not going to stay just duct taped on, it will be properly attached. The tape is temporary for placement and still some needs to be smoothed.

Hello. I haven't seen any posts from you in a while so I was wondering how you were doing.

Yeah I haven’t been on my computer at all. I’ve been doing everything mobile and there’s been a lot going on. School started up for me, theres some serious issues going on in my life, i got a new Betta on impulse when I don’t even have a filter for the poor boy. It’s all very stressful right now


I would like you all to meet my cat

Everyone i know on here is really cute ???? How did you get so cute?!? ?? Stop it I wanna punch something

I lost a lot of followers after posting those expression tests

Please come back

Im sorry my art is bad

And weird

This is it this is my life.

You guys are all really cool. I like you guys.

I think 10 year old me who has just started drawing would be very happy